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Material Design In XAML – 1.5

It’s a big new release for MD in XAML Toolkit! This release focuses on a new transitions API (when I say API, I mean fully usable from XAML), which takes the pain out of WPF storyboard-ing, making animations on individual elements, and between whole “pages” easy.

Release page.

To showcase what can be done I’ve created an entirely new demo app. What’s great is that I was able to build version 1.0 of the demo app in less than a day. All the animations are “out of the box”; straight from Material Design In XAML Toolkit, with zero fiddling with WPF storyboards or animations (but yes, the extensibility is still there!)

It looks a bit like this:


You can get your hands on the new demo at it’s new GitHub page.

On top of that there is also a small demo in the main Material Design In XAML Toolkit demo project.

To understand usage of the new transitions API, take a look at both demos and check out the wiki page.

I say this every release, but it’s always true, there have also been some great additions and fixes from the community (which is really growing nicely).  Full release details are here.

I guess with any software library it takes a while to gain traction, but this library is now just over a year old, seems to have plenty of users and I’m seeing some nice looking UIs appear.  With 1.5 I’m hoping for some nice animation flourishes!

Happy UXing!


P.S. n00b to Material Design In XAML Toolkit?  Check out the Getting Started guide.



3 thoughts on “Material Design In XAML – 1.5

  1. Hi
    I am working on a visual basic [in visual studio 2015] project using Material Design Transition API .Although the API contains some cool Animation (Demo on Git) ,It seems that my animations are not getting executed.

    Basically i have one WPF window lets say MainWindow.xaml with 5 buttons and five usercontrols 1.xaml,2.xaml,3.xaml,4.xaml,5.xaml .Each time a button is clicked one of the five usercontrol is added to the MainWindow.xaml.

    What i am trying to do is when ever the user clicks one of the five buttons
    1) A Circular wipe clears the current page originating from the clicked button [Like in the Demo]
    2) The Usercontrol Slides in from Left

    I am not familiar with C#, I am more a visual basic gay.Any help on this is appreciated.

    1. Hey, it’s hard for me to ascertain what’s going on from your comments. If you post a sample repository on GitHub I can try and take a look.

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