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Introducing “doobry” for Azure DocumentDb

I’ve been beavering away at a little website and decided – after a bit of investigation and then seeing Scott Guthrie talk at Azurecraft, London – to use DocumentDb for the data storage.  At that point I didn’t have a massive amount of experience with NoSQL databases, but when I want to learn something I like to dive straight in, start coding, making mistakes, and hopefully come out the other side with some workable knowledge.

The website is node.js based, and I found the initial setup of DocumentDb pretty straight forward after running the the tutorials.  I was up and running quickly, but I soon realised I wanted a tool for developing and testing queries, and playing around with my dev database.  The Azure portal isn’t massively geared up for this.  I saw one application, but even in this web/cloudy world I knew that with my arsenal of Material Design In XAML Toolkit and Dragablz libraries, I could throw together a desktop app to grease the gears of developing the web app.


Yesterday I published the first full alpha release of that effort.  “doobry” is simple to use, yet slick and pretty feature rich.  With it you can:

  • Edit and run SQL queries
  • Create, edit, copy and delete collection documents
  • Work with multiple databases


It’s open source, free to use, and an installer is available:

It’s also a great showcase of all the things you can do with Material Design In XAML and Dragablz, utilizing features such as:

  • Docking and layout persistance
  • Advanced dialogs
  • Transitions

Hopefully if you are using DocumentDb this tool will help you get along in your development and support tasks.  And if you are developing WPF Material Design/Dragablz applications you might find some UX inspiration and helpful XAML techniques within the source.


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