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MDI in WPF via Dragablz

Dragablz is more than just a Chrome style TabControl for WPF.  Via it’s Layout control it provides docking and tool windows.  Taking the tool windows a step further, they can be used to provide an MDI effect in WPF.  Even better, the MDI environment can reside inside a tab, which, when coupled with Dragablz other tear out and docking features can provide very rich UI Window management for the user.

There’s a couple of properties of the Layout control to consider:

  • FloatingItems – allows any items to be floated on top of the Layout’s content.
  • FloatingItemsSource – allows any items to be floated on top of the Layout’s content.

And a selection of RoutedCommand’s to help out with management of items floated on the Layout:

  • UnfloatItemCommand –
  • MaximiseFloatingItem
  • RestoreFloatingItem
  • TileFloatingItemsCommand
  • TileFloatingItemsVerticallyCommand
  • TileFloatingItemsHorizontallyCommand

Here’s a snippet of an MDI layout from the Dragablz demo on GitHub:

    <StackPanel DockPanel.Dock="Top" Orientation="Horizontal">
        <Button Command="{x:Static dockablz:Layout.TileFloatingItemsCommand}"
                CommandTarget="{Binding ElementName=MdiLayout}">Tile Grid</Button>
        <Button Command="{x:Static dockablz:Layout.TileFloatingItemsVerticallyCommand}"
                CommandTarget="{Binding ElementName=MdiLayout}">Tile Horizontal</Button>
        <Button Command="{x:Static dockablz:Layout.TileFloatingItemsHorizontallyCommand}"
                CommandTarget="{Binding ElementName=MdiLayout}">Tile Vertical</Button>
    <dockablz:Layout x:Name="MdiLayout" 
            <dragablzDemo:SimpleViewModel Name="One" SimpleContent="MDI Child One" />                
            <dragablzDemo:SimpleViewModel Name="Two" SimpleContent="MDI Child Two" />                
            <dragablzDemo:SimpleViewModel Name="Three" SimpleContent="MDI Child Three" />

And to illustrate what’s achievable, here’s an MDI layout, inside a tear-able tab:

MDI, operating within a tab.
MDI, operating within a tab.

Links to Dragablz:


4 thoughts on “MDI in WPF via Dragablz

  1. How

    //* dragablzDemo:SimpleViewModel Name=”One” SimpleContent=”MDI Child One” />

    add property width height canvas.left

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