Even the web is old hat these days. If you aren’t writing some sort of touch device software you might as well be coding in COBOL. Right?


There are still plenty of desktop requirements out there. I do a lot of work in the enterprise, and – in the enterprise at least – there is still demand for the full richness of desktop software.

A lot of my work is in C# and WPF these days. But WPF is dead, right?


WPF is a great, powerful framework (if it comes with a steep learning curve), but every project I work on I keep banging my head against a couple of core problems. After improving/fixing/retro-fitted some other apps I am now writing a new open source library to solve the main problem. That of fully drag-able (is that a word?) tabs. Chrome/IE style.

There’s plenty of people asking the question on the web, and a few solutions, but I think I have a pretty good mechanism for doing this, so watch this space for what’s coming soon…


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